In August 2016 JetPort SPb company significantly increased the number of business flights which has been handled in "CBA Pulkovo-3"

12 september2016

In August 2016 JetPort SPb company significantly increased the number of business flights which has been handled in «CBA Pulkovo-3». During this period, were handled by 14.2% more aircraft than in August 2015, and by 4.6% more aircraft than in August 2014. Number of passengers serviced in CBA «Pulkovo-3» in August 2016 increased by 15.2% compared with August 2015.

From the 1-st of July till the August the 31-st CBA «Pulkovo-3» organized preventive repairs to remove the apron № 6 defects which appeared during last autumn and winter period. Repairs were done by own staff of JetPort SPb Apron service and by specialized company. Upon carrying out repairs, we can proudly say that apron № 6 is one of the best not only in the North West Region, but also in Russia.

From September the 8 till September the 10 2016, delegation from CBA «Pulkovo-3» took part at Jet Expo 2016, which was held in Moscow on the CBA «Vnukovo-3» facility. According to the results of the negotiations and meetings with both long-term and new potential customers, we plan to significantly increase the number of passengers and business aviation flights in the near future.