Promoting premium class products and services at the FBO Pulkovo-3 constitute a convenient and effective way to inform the target audience and maintain a favorable company image.
Promoting premium Class products and services at the FBO Pulkovo-3, as an image of the actual “platform”, points to the status of the company and the stability of its business and status.
We invite you to consider a mutually beneficial cooperation for the promotion of your company at the FBO Pulkovo-3:

- lightboxes;

- TV advertising;

- vehicles, yachts and helicopters exhibition;

- branding of premises;

- original projects for promotion campaigns.

FBO Pulkovo-3 can be used to present aviation technology, as well as other goods and services not related to the aviation field.
For more detailed information about terms and conditions of cooperation, please contact the Aero Marketing

Services Group, General Representative in Saint-Petersburg,


Phone: +7 (921) 949- 21- 18