We are glad to offer you exterior aircraft cleaning (dry washing) at Center for Business Aviation "Pulkovo-3"

06 june2016

Dear Sirs,

We are glad to offer you exterior aircraft cleaning (dry washing) at Center for Business Aviation «Pulkovo-3».

Your aircraft will look great after the dry wash: you will get the smooth and clean surface. Nowadays the aviation industry uses a chemical dry wash instead of wet (or water) washing, it is accomplishing by using OEM approved chemicals with the help of spay bottles and special towels. These chemicals were specially designed to clean surfaces without leaving contaminants as it happens after the water wash. One of the advantages of the dry wash is the fact that it can be accomplished in any place you wish. It means you do not have to tow your aircraft to a wash pit because the dry wash can be accomplished in the hanger or right on the FBO’s ramp.

At the same time we are glad to offer you interior aircraft cleaning.

We offer you to choose a full or quick interior service. During the wash every surface inside your aircraft will be cleaned, sanitized and reorganized just the way you like it. An interior cleaning and detailing service are quite flexible options, which fulfill your particular requirements. When you need the dry wash to be done quickly, we offer you a quick turn cleaning. As a result, you do not have to delay your flight because your aircraft demands cleaning. When time allows to have a full interior detailing wash will make each section of the cabin clean. During the service, every compartment is deep-cleaned, polished and conditioned of the entire aircraft.

No matter what you choose, it will answer your personal requirements. Our partner will provide personalized attention to your aircraft, because aircraft cleaning and detailing services reflect the flexibility and versatility that you need to make your aircraft or helicopter outstanding in the right way.