Ground Handling business aviation in St. Petersburg


JetPort SPb comprises distinctly organized departments (services and offices), which cooperate and interact together in order to carry out optimal ground handling services at any time and in any scope.

 Our Company image is represented by our most important facilities, which are: Operations, Passenger Services, Ramp Services, Special Transport Services and Security Services.



Our Operations include a number of specialists who are responsible for various activities of the services.

Upon the client’s request, Ops specialists can inquire about slots coordination, flight plan provision, hotel reservation,  transfers, and provide visa support for crews, fulfil orders for catering, arrange refuelling, and manage airport services for business flight passengers and crews as efficiently as possible.


Ramp services is the fastest growing division of JetPort SPb. A company-owned ramp services allow JetPort SPb to provide twenty-four-hour highly professional ground handling services for business jets.

Ramp services include:

  • aircraft technical assistance on the apron № 6;
  • towing;
  • cabin cleaning;
  • water supply services;
  • lavatory service;
  • GPU;
  • de-icing;
  • heating for the cockpit and cabin;
  • andother services.

Passenger Service

After the aircraft has been parked and the door opened, an agent from our Passenger Services is the first person who meets the disembarking passengers. He settles all official issues connected with customs, passport control and other formalities, invites the passengers to board a comfortable coach, and makes sure that their luggage has been correctly processed. Passenger Service employees will do their best to provide a high level of comfort to our passengers when they are served at the airport.

Passengers can request that agents organize their transfer, hotel accommodation, order a bouquet of flowers, or provide them with all the necessary information on rules governing entry into / departure from the Russian Federation (if served in the “Business Aviation Sector”).

Special Transport Service

JetPort SPb Special Transport Service regards regular and comfortable transportation of all their passengers and crews as its priority task. The Company motor-vehicle pool consists of new cars of various models and types produced by leading automobile manufacturers. Each car is specially converted and designed for specific purposes and use.

All our drivers go through regular training courses for driving vehicles on aprons. Each vehicle is examined by a qualified mechanic twice a day (shift change process), while the driver undergoes a medical examination.

Security Services

Whole territory of the Center of Business Aviation «Pulkovo-3» is carefully monitored by own security service 24/7/365, no one can pass to the territory of the Center for business aviation «Pulkovo-3» without prior permission.
In their professional activity of the security service uses the most modern technical means of security: video surveillance systems, access control, security alarm system and much more.
Security is one of the most important target of the Center for Business Aviation «Pulkovo-3».

LLC JetPort SPb
196210, Russia, St. Petersburg,
Pulkovskoe highway, 37/5A


General Manager’s Reception:
Tel.: +7 812 611-09-19
Fax: +7 812 611-09-18


Commercial Department:
Tel.: +7 812 611-09-19
Fax: +7 812 611-09-18

Operations (24 hours):
Tel.: +7 812 240-02-87           

Fax: +7 812 240-02-88                 

Cell: +7 921 961-18-20



Passenger service (24 hours):
Tel./Fax: +7 812 240-03-05
Cell: +7 911 757-25-00



Service Managers:


Charter flight sales:
Tel.: +7 812 611-09-19
Fax: +7 812 611-09-19


Personnel depatment:
Tel.: +7 812 611-09-19

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